Our Fly Designers

Thiago Zanetti

Thiago started fly fishing when his father brought from a trip to USA a Fly Fisherman magazine, June 1995. Since that day it all changed. He ordered by mail catalog from Cabela�s some equipment and started fly fishing for Snook with his grandfather, uncle and cousins (they fished with regular tackle and live shrimp), every weekend for several years.
In 2002 he started selling his own rods and reels to be able to finish college. Noticing a great demand for gear and the lack of these products in Brazil he started a fly fishing blog, where he posted pictures of products that imported and customers would call or send email to buy it.
Later the blog turned to be an information center - still running today - and was built a separated online shop for the goods, due the high demand.
Since the early days of Snook fly fishing, the flies that he could buy via catalog, never matched the action and colors demanded by the local fish. So it was developed the Genesis fly. Snook, bass and peacock bass go crazy with this flies action.
Today Thiago runs Fly Shop Brazil with his wife Christiane, still fishes for Snook, and travels to fish 3 or 4 times a year. Testing gear so he can better advice the Brazilian fly fishermen.