Our Fly Designers

Mike Davidchik

Stepping out of the mist of the river and lifestyle of the day to day Pacific Northwest Steelheader, Michael Davidchik, aka �Steelie Mike�, has been sharing his experiences and thoughts regarding steelhead, conservation and fishing in the Pacific Northwest through his blog Steel. Recently Michael�s work has also been published in Steelheaders Journal and Salmon & Steelhead Journal. Through written word and photography, Steelie Mike has brought forth the open eye view of fishing in the Pacific Northwest and issues fisherman, especially those raising families face on a day to day basis.
Between the everyday hustle of family life and working as an Emergency Room Nurse in Vancouver, WA, Michael has been sharing his passion for steelhead and fly fishing with others. Today Michael works as an Ambassador for Soul River, an organization founded with the goal of sharing and enriching the lives of veterans and youth, promoting the therapeutic nature of the outdoors through fly fishing.
Along with sharing the outdoors with others, Michael is a signature fly tier for Rainy�s Flies and has also worked on the design team for several fly fishing manufacturers, including Airflo Fly Lines, Echo Fly Rods, and recently as an Ambassador for Loop USA. Whether it is Soul River Outings, casting venues, where he is assisting in spey casting instruction, aiding companies in research and design, or through his blog, Michael continues to share his knowledge and open eye view of modern day angler.