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Fly of the Month - January 2018


Maldonado’s BH Casino Royale:

When the virile Prince Nymph gets into your Copper John’s

What do you get when the mighty Prince Nymph mates with one of your sexy Copper John’s? You get the Casino Royale! The Casino Royale, the brainchild of fly designer Robert Maldonado of Colorado Springs, CO, is a great combination of a couple classic nymphs. It combines the effectiveness of the contrasting biots on a Prince Nymph with the attractive nature of a Copper John and leaves us all with a superior hybrid mayfly nymph for every anglers fishing and fly box.
The BH Casino Royale is one of our most popular mayfly nymphs has gained major momentum in the last couple years. It is an all-around nymph for both summer and winter fishing. It comes in three colors: Red, Copper, and Chartreuse.