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FLY OF THE MONTH: Goodman’s Mosh-Pit Hopper


Goodman’s Mosh-Pit Hopper


It’s hopper time!!! Many anglers look forward to this time of year more than any other: the time when these tasty terrestrial morsels grow and scatter around the banks of our favorite rivers and become part of the fish’s food supply. And our favorite part…. Imitating these juicy bugs with various hopper patterns to try and fool a wily trout or bass to eat.

Enter Goodman’s Mosh-Pit Hopper! This is one of the best options you can choose from to imitate hoppers this time of year. It comes in both Yellow and Tan and in sizes 6-10. It is a workhorse of a fly. It is very realistic, has a great floating profile, and is made almost entirely of foam for optimal buoyancy and durability. Throw in some barred rubber legs and a hi-vis indicator for good visibility and you have a pattern that will produce all day long.

While this pattern was designed and tested in the heart of the Rockies, it’s fame has spread all over North and South America and has become one of the top selling hopper patterns for Rainy’s Flies.


Clint was born in Utah, but while still young moved to long island New York. That is where he really started to get into fishing. He began tying in 1993 and one year later began fly fishing. Once he started catching fish on home tied flies my hobby became an obsession; A life-long quest to turn a hook into a fish fooling work of art. Clint works for the Union Pacific Railroad and currently resides in Bountiful Utah with his family. Check out more about Clint and his many other patterns here: http://www.rainysflies.com/fly-designers/clint-goodman