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Rainy's Non-Foam Products


Dave's Flexament & Dave's Flexament Thinner

Dave's Flexament & Dave's Flexament Thinner

    Exclusively from Rainy's
    Dries Evenly
    New, Improved Vapro Resistant Cap

Octopus Hooks

Single Hooks (Camakatsu) for tubes, etc.

Rainy's Barred Round Rubber Legs

Add something new to your fly!

Rainy's Glass Rattles

Ideal for attracting big fish on your fly. Used in many Rainy's Signature patterns.

Rainy's Knotted Hopper Legs

Hopper Legs are hard to tie, unless you have a Rainy's E-Z Leg Tool, or you get them pre-knotted. A stress-free solution!

Rainy's Pearlesent Wing Material

Ideal for imitating the natural translucency and texture of insect wings.

Rainy's Popper Paint

Specially formulated acrylic paint. Flexible after painted. Thins and cleans up with water. Recommended when painting any foam surface. Distributed in glass bottles with a wide lid. Clear Coat is highly recommended as a first coat when applying colors - letting each coat dry before adding the next.

Rainy's Premium Craft Fur

It's easier to use, no dyeing and available in brilliant colors. Many of the industry's standard as the perfect substitution for buck tail. Many of the Rainys Signature patterns in this catalog use Rainy's Premium Craft Fur.

Rainy's Round Rubber Legs

Rainy's Round Rubber Legs are another industry staple. Used on all types of flies from the small to the large.

Rainy's Stretch Flex

Rainy's S-T-R-E-T-C-H Flex is unbelievably strong and durable yet supple. Tie worms, scuds, nymphs, stoneflies and more! Dyed in a wide array of fish-catching colors.

Tandem Hooks with Wire Connector

Expertly Assembled. Ready to use.

Tube Bodiz

Tube Bodiz are revolutionary in designing flies. They have proven their fish-catching capabilities around the world, catching all types of fish in both fresh and salt waters. They easily mimic the proper body profile and surface impressions of insect such as mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, etc. They allow the fly tyer to rapidly create flies that have superb profiles and impressions that appeal to even the wariest of fish.

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