Our Fly Designers

Tim Holschlag

Tim Holschlag's 1990 book, Stream Smallmouth Fishing, was widely acclaimed as the classic work on small water smallmouthing. A big reason for the book's popularity is the depth of experience that Tim draws from. He's been pursuing smallies for over 40 years, and has explored and fished more smallmouth water than virtually any other angler 250 different smallmouth streams and well over 100 lakes. For the past 20 years, Holschlag's lifelong passion has also been his occupation. A full-time writer, guide and angling instructor, he has authored hundreds of magazine articles for publications such as American Angler, Eastern Fly Fishing, Midwest Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Quarterly and Bassmaster. He guides for smallmouth on numerous Upper Midwest rivers, streams, and lakes. Every summer his popular Stream Smallmouth Schools teach a wide assortment of anglers the finer points of the sport. During the winter seminar season, Tim Holschlag is a popular speaker, bringing his passion and expertise to many more smallmouth fans. He also designs and market a line of innovative and effective smallmouth flies. An active smallmouth conservationist, Holschlag is also the co-founder of The Smallmouth Alliance and has received the Federation of Fly Fishers national Henshall award for warmwater conservation. To contact Tim Holschlag, to read his current writings, or for more information on his books, speaking, schools, trips, flies, and other smallmouth-related products go to www.smallmouthangler.com

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