Our Fly Designers

Roman Moser

Roman Moser is currently living in Austria close to Salzburg in an lake district area with many trout rivers. He is now 63-years-old and has been fly fishing since he was 14-years-old. At the age of 14 he I began with fly tying first for himself and later for a local shop. During his profession teaching for geography and sports he started with a small fly fishing business as well which has increased during the years. He has made many DVDs on the fly fishing subject as well published many articles in European fly fishing magazines. Right now he is managing a local trout river for a club and concentrating on natural fish behaviour and improvement of the trout habitat. I am still working in my business manufacturing furled fly leaders and new innovative fly tying materials. He enjoys very much the development of new fly designs and testing them on the different waters in his area. By the way he came up first in the early 70s with metal bead nymphs and later about 25-years-ago with the cone heads. These products as well as many other materials are right now used all over the world.