Our Fly Designers

Loren Williams

Loren Williams resides in Westvale, New York amid Lake Ontario tributaries, cold Finger Lakes effluents, and wonderful freestone rivers and streams.
For 13-years Loren grew FlyGuy's Guide Service into possibly the most successful and most well-respected fly fishing guide service in Upstate New York. His service catered to salmon, steelhead, and trout anglers interested in learning about fish behavior, reading water, and angling techniques. In 2013, Loren decided to retire from guiding while maintaining his passion for small-group fly-fishing instruction via public speaking and seminar work.
Loren was introduced to Fly Fishing Team USA in 2005 when he was selected as its first official fly tier for the World Fly Fishing Championships in Lycksele, Sweden. Loren became an angling member of Fly Fishing Team USA in 2007. Loren continued that dedication through 2012 winning numerous individual and team medals and the selection to two world-championship teams.

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