Our Fly Designers

Bill Ingersoll

The S.T.S Series (salmon, trout, and steelhead) are the brain child of Bill Ingersoll. They are time-tested and consistently catch salmon/steelhead anywhere in the world. Bill is perceived as a steelhead fly-fishing addict, but his passion extends to smallmouth, pike, and trout. He has been involved in many aspects of the fly-fishing industry-from commercial tying, instructing, fly shop and guide service owner to writer and field testing. Bill's S.T.S. series he created are time tested and will consistently catch steelhead/salmon anywhere in the world. The color schemes, material selection, sizes, and added triggers of these suggestive patterns are the key. They cover shiners, shellfish, bottom dwellers, leeches, attractors, stoneflies, mayflies, caddis, or eggs.